Thursday, 4 February 2016

Taking stock: December 2015/January 2016.

We've been back from our somewhat epic European/Asian holiday almost a month, making it two whole months that I've been absent from here. I really need to prioritise my time better (although it seemed fairly important to binge watch the first two seasons of A place to call home at the time).

Whomever said travelling with kids was easy was either a whole lot more organised than us (and I like to think I’m pretty organised) or has angel babes who don’t scream with jet lag ALL NIGHT LONG for A WHOLE WEEK or throw themselves to the ground at tourist attractions, crying, while people take photos of them (note: these are likely the same people she pinched and punched as they passed by her minutes earlier). Despite the tantrums (and there were a few) and bad nights’ sleep (and there were many), Little Red was pretty good on her first overseas trip. At least half of our time was spent finding local kiddies’ parks or playing in them with her, but we did get some sightseeing, shopping and quality family time.

Since our return, we have spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family, and the house and garden (which the house sitters managed to keep alive despite the disgusting heat over Christmas). My boy and I have hunkered down into our new jobs and Little Red has moved into the toddlers’ room at day care. Admittedly, that made me a little sad. It’s also made her a little sad – she cries now when I drop her off each morning. Turns out she takes after her dad when it comes to change.

In other news, I’ve been…

  • Making: Excuses for doing as little as possible.
  • Cooking: Delicious (and ridiculously easy) vanilla bean cupcakes, to which I added some home-grown raspberries. I also made a healthy oat berry slice, some fried rice and a big pot of pumpkin soup.
  • Drinking: Lots of tea (dandy chai, lemon myrtle black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos), fizzy water and the odd smoothie.
  • Reading: Just finished The Tea Chest (got about three-quarters of the way through it on our holiday). Giving Buddhism for mothers of small children another shot and quite enjoying it. Just started Big magic and am loving it.
  • Wanting: Ah, nothing changes. More quiet time, more tea, more chocolate.
  • Looking: Pretty tired – to say Little Red has been sleeping poorly of late would be an understatement. We don’t know why this is the case, but it’s not much fun (especially when you have to go to work in one of the busiest periods of the year). We’re thinking some sleep training is in order. On top of that, Indi and Bella have either been fighting through the windows with the neighbours’ cats or crying at our bedroom door to be let in. Kids and cats, hey? Who’d have ‘em?
  • Playing: At the park. A lot. 
  • Deciding: On my working future.
  • Wishing: Someone else would make hard decisions for me.
  • Enjoying: These few minutes of time out for myself (and my dandy chai – haven’t had one in a couple of months).
  • Waiting: For Little Red to wake up so we can hang out with one of my friends and her wee bub.
  • Liking: Working in the city one day a week. Mainly for all the smoothies, raw vegan treats and life it entails. I have actually put on weight since I got back from my holiday. Go figure!
  • Wondering: What to do on my solo retreat weekend away that starts tomorrow. (Yay!)
  • Loving: A place to call home. Days off work.
  • Pondering: How I can become a best-selling author and quit my day job to drink tea and write from my deck while admiring my handiwork in the garden.
  • Considering: The pros and cons of becoming a best-selling author so I can quit my day job to drink tea and write from my deck while admiring my handiwork in the garden.
  • Buying: Too many raw vegan treats.
  • Watching: I was watching A place to call home every single night until I ran out of episodes. Now it's Farmer wants a wife, the new series of NCIS and that's about it really. I need to do other stuff.
  • Hoping: They make a season 4 of A place to call home.
  • Marvelling: At Little Red’s ever-increasing vocabulary.
  • Cringing: At how whingy I’ve become of late.
  • Needing: To stop getting sucked into the procrastination tunnel via Facebook and random new stories about blackhead squeezing, the latest Die Hard movie or a new super food discovery.
  • Questioning: My self control (or lack thereof). Actually, I know I have little to no self control. There’s no questioning it. Who am I kidding?
  • Smelling: My deodorant. I’m not sure if I just picked up the wrong one or they’ve changed the recipe, but it’s a little stronger smelling than I remember.
  • Wearing: A long singlet top with Audrey Hepburn and her cat on it and a little orange cardi.
  • Following: Surprised by five. Incredible. (& good luck, lady!)
  • Noticing: The neighbour’s spot light that’s on outside (it’s 1.54pm so there’s no need for it). It’s been on for about five days straight. They’ve gone away on holiday I think but their parents are house/dog sitting for them. I should probably tell them it’s on in case they’ve forgotten.
  • Knowing: We all have it within ourselves to follow our dreams and passions. If we can find the motivation to get off our butts and do it.
  • Thinking: About our next holiday…
  • Admiring: Mum’s who cook properly every day.
  • Sorting: Out new menu options. Well, not really. But I should. That and a plan of action for our house and garden for the year.
  • Getting: Organised for the new year. Or intending to. There are a lot of things I want to get done. 
  • Bookmarking:
  • Coveting: Snow. We missed it by about two weeks on our trip and have come back to 40 plus days. 
  • Disliking: So much sport on TV. That the third season of A place to call home isn’t out on DVD yet.
  • Opening: Up to more people.
  • Giggling: At Little Red running around saying she loves everything. This morning it was my boy, me, Bella, Indi, tea and cake (she’s so my daughter).
  • Feeling: The love.
  • Snacking: Toasted spelt bread with honey and peanut butter, coconut ice cream, lots of fruit and just a wee bit of chocolate (of course)!
  • Helping: Little Red up and down steps (her latest obsession).
  • Hearing: Someone sawing something across the road. Ahh… the serenity.


  1. Lou!! How weird I just thought "i wonder if Lou has been writing, haven't check for a while" and here you are! I haven't seen Season 3 of Place either, my parents keep trying to tell me about it and i'm all "lalalala can't hear you". Hope you are all doing well xxx

    1. Camille, how timely! So nice that someone reads my drivel! ;) Admittedly, I've read up about season 3 so have an idea of what happens, but am gagging to see it. Wondering if it's worth getting a month's trial of Presto just so I can (then being cheeky and cancelling the subscription if I can)... xx