Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No sleep (til Brooklyn).

When Little Red hasn’t slept well overnight or at all during the day, this Beastie Boys classic pops into my head. This usually happens around the time I start speaking like an Italian immigrant, asking her ‘Why you no sleep? Whyyyyyy?’

I’m not sure why this song has started featuring in my head so much lately. It’s probably purely because the chorus starts off with the same two words that form a large proportion of my conversations at the moment. Or because it reminds me of the times I used to go out clubbing and watching bands, having reckless, baby- and responsibility-free fun. Or my days of reckless, baby- and responsibility-free travel that included a couple of trips to New York. Or maybe it’s because it amuses me to think of the time I was most into the Beastie Boys, when I fancied myself a bit street and wore Sketches and cargo pants, and tried to walk with a swagger (can girls walk with a swagger?). All to impress a boy. Thankfully, that phase ended when my friend’s boyfriend borrowed said pants and never returned them.

Whatever the reason, it’s not a bad theme song for parenthood. And it’s slightly less annoying than having This old man or Old MacDonald on repeat in your head. (Although, they also feature strongly in my current musical repertoire - just ask my neighbours.)

And while we're reminiscing, here's a photo of me and my boy on the Brooklyn Bridge in June 2011.

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